Cities Data Asset


The Cities Data Asset aims to create a data exchange mechanism at the city level in order to facilitate the development of services for urban stakeholders: local authorities, companies and residents.

Background and Objective

The concept is quite simple: same data (for instance, energy data, building data) can be useful for several services and stakeholders. Our main idea is to pool the data collection (process and costs), in order to help the stakeholders of the city to find, in an easier and cheaper way, the data they need in order to create new services. Beyond it, the objective is also to create cross-cutting services for the city: the organization of the data exchange mechanism allows a systemic services and overview of the city. For instance, it’s possible to calculate the impact of a decision about electric vehicles on the air quality of the city (“If I decide to invest $50M in Electric Vehicles, what will be the impact on the air quality in 5 years? The impact on the level of health of the population? On the real estate prices?”) The vision is really to offer the city this systemic view, highlighting hidden links between topics and actions, and creating new ones. Decreasing of costs (for everyone), business model and systemic approach are the three axis of the CDA.

Innovative Initiative

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