Business and Industry/Private Sector


The successful implementation of SDGs and the New Urban Agenda depends on cooperation and collaboration between public and non-public actors including the private sector and corporate world. To a large extent, cities are built by business, industry, and the private sector. The 2030 Agenda is unprecedented in its ambition. Governments with the support of the UN system lack the resources to deliver the agenda alone. The private sector is a significant player to successfully implement the New Urban Agenda and achieve the 2030 Agenda. 

The private sector has transitioned from the traditional financial partner to enhancing sustainable development with an engagement role at all levels through partnerships with local NGOs, academia, foundations, governments and partners. The Urban Agenda Platform is a one-stop-shop for reporting and learning on the implementation of the New Urban Agenda. The platform provides a common framework for all actors to align their contributions to the 2030 Agenda. Business and Industry partners have recently adopted strategies that ensure sustainable development and have also reported on their respective economic and social impacts. 

The 2030 Agenda is unprecedented in its scope and ambition. The UN and governments have neither the reach nor the resources to implement it alone. Engagement, especially with the private sector, is imperative for the 2030 Agenda to succeed. The implementation process of the New Urban Agenda offers the private sector a range of opportunities including access to new markets in advancing sustainable development. In making the 2030 Agenda a reality, it is imperative that data around private sector engagement in sustainable development is captured and reported.