Games For Make Auto-Architecture


More than 80% of the population of Venezuela, in the face of the impossibility of accessing a socially accepted dwelling, lives in a self-built dwelling of their own, located in areas of high geological danger and outside of anti-seismic parameters. It is necessary to take urgent actions to mitigate the risks and damages to a possible earthquake and turn it into a sustainable construction.

Background and Objective

It is essential to undertake urgent actions to diminish the risks and damages in case of a potential earthquake and turn them into sustainable constructions. The project is based on the hybridization and exchange of knowledge and techniques, considering and incorporating the building culture of the slums to the scientific knowledge generated in the academic framework of architecture. The goal is to give back to the people of the slums the knowledge processed in the Design Studios and educate them in ways to improve when building a home that is safer, healthier and more comfortable. The focus of attention has been on school-age children of the slums, which is why the "games for self-architecture" format has been chosen. Adults interested in improving their building practices could become involved with the game too. This is a hopeful bet on the future based on educating the children of the slums, who will be the popular builders of tomorrow learning to design and build, playing! Having already designed the "games for self-architecture" at a prototype level, which was inspired by the types of housing that are repeated in the slums, we aspire to invest the prize, first to do a pilot test and try the games with children and then conclude the doctoral thesis, before launching a national mass distribution campaign of the games, in a two-dimensional format, to be included in main national newspapers for its dissemination.


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