Greenbizz incubator, Abbatoir 2020: reconversion of the slaugher house side, & Innovative Initiative Urban Marketing


Two Main Policies: •The European Union’s regional policy: in 2008 the EU and the Brussels-Capital Region launched the Operational Program 2007-2013. This strategy financed 32 regeneration projects, including GREENBIZZ, URBAN MARKETING and ABATTOIR NV-SA/FOODMET, to foster the territorial competitiveness and cohesion of the Canal Area.

Background and Objective

Greenbizz's objectives: •strengthen sustainable business sectors in Brussels •support sustainable business projects in Brussels by offering start-ups and new businesses in these sectors an optimum environment to create and grow their project •construct an entirely new and ecofriendly building through innovative architecture. •use sustainable production methods during the construction (ecoconstruction)

Actions and Implementation

To help its occupants set up and develop their projects, Greenbizz has the optimum environment: modular production workshops (17 125-to-550-square meters, modules on a total surface area of 5,505 square meters) and incubation spaces (about 2,800 square meters). The office spaces are fully equipped and Greenbizz offers a whole range of administrative, guidance, and personal coaching services. Greenbizz seeks to become an ecosystem where the occupants collaborate, exchange knowledge and accomplish their objectives together.

Outcomes and Impacts

Greenbizz aims to boost the sustainable business sectors in Brussels, supporting sustainable business projects and promoting employment in these sectors. Greenbizz helps young businesses and start-ups from the sustainable business sectors to develop. •seven small businesses/start-ups have set up shop since Greenbizz opened in April 2016 •five in 17 workshops have found occupants two months after the opening, proving that Greenbizz is meeting a real need and that the concept of a sustainable economy development hub in Brussels appeals to entrepreneurs planned occupation rates: •production workshops: year 1: 50 percent, year 2: 60 percent, year 3: 90 percent •incubation modules: year 1: 20 percent, year 2: 50 percent, year 3: 75 percent jobs: •in the medium term (3-4 years), some 200 people should have found a job on-site at Greenbizz, the vast majority of which will be new jobs, because the companies concerned are start-ups

Sustainability and Scalability

Greenbizz is innovative on several levels: •the first incubator-cum-SME-park dedicated to a sustainable economy in the Brussels-Capital Region •a brand-new, innovative and exemplary building which meets the most exacting technical and sustainability standards, and boasts excellent energy performance (passive incubator and very-low-energy production workshops) •specific ventilation, lighting, and heating technologies and photovoltaic panels on the roof •In its notion of sustainability and exemplarity, Greenbizz includes the human, social, economic, sustainable and ethical aspects, all on equal footing. It aims at a responsible approach with a positive impact on society in its immediate surroundings and a favorable influence on the community as a whole An innovative construction method: •large-scale use of prefab elements for both the façades and the structure: budgets are reduced, construction periods are shortened, and the negative impact typically caused by inner-city building sites is lessened •during the works, optimization of waste management and sorting in order to limit the typical construction waste to a minimum •a great deal of attention went into the choice of materials, particularly in terms of life-cycle and health hazards, thereby prioritizing wood, cellulose, and recycled, recyclable, and non-harmful products •on-site delivery of materials as ecological as possible

Gender and Social Inclusivity

The biggest challenge was to reconcile top-notch energy performance with the particularly stringent fire protection regulations applicable to an industrial building. Indeed, materials generally excel in either one area or another, rarely in both at the same time. The engineering firms' remarkable research made it possible to design a building which is exemplary in both these aspects.

Innovative Initiative

Revolutionary: Greenbizz is the first incubator-cum-SME-park dedicated to sustainable economy in the Brussels-Capital Region which is set up in an innovative, exemplary building that meets the most exacting technical and sustainability standards.

Resources devoted to delivery

Financing strategy: Project cost in euros: EU contribution: 8,414,886.58 euros Domestic public authorities’ contribution: 10,104,751.58 euros Domestic private sector contribution: 0 euros Total cost: 18,519,638.16 euros •establishment of SA Greenbizz with capital: 1.6 million euros •three shareholders: Brussels-Capital Region (1 million euros), (0.5 million euros) and CSTC (0.1 million euros) various types of regional aid: •ERDF subsidies •1,090,242.72 euros invested by from its own funds •annual operating aid: 175,000 euros Other contributions: •regional partnerships (advisory committee and platform of incubators) •integration of Greenbizz in the region's policies: Strategy 2025, Regional Circular Economy Plan, Regional Innovation Plan •involvement of a technological partner (CSTC) •contacts with incubators in several European countries in order to evolve and fine-tune its concept.


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Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 11 - Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable

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