Mobilize Your City


MobiliseYourCity supports local governments in developing countries to plan sustainable urban mobility for more inclusive, livable and economically efficient cities and reduce GHG emissions.

Background and Objective

MobiliseYourCity (MYC) is an open international partnership created by the French and German governments that supports national and local governments in developing countries in the planning of sustainable urban mobility to develop more inclusive, liveable and economically efficient cities and reduce GHG emissions. By 2020, 100 cities will be engaged in the implementation of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans supported by National Sustainable Mobility Transport Policies. SUMPs together with NUMPs allow the emergence of a sound and integrated pipeline of projects in the cities, making it easier to foresee priority projects and providing a clear roadmap over the next decade. This increases the visibility of the projects over time, thus attracting both private and public investments. It also attracts funding from international development partners and donors (in particular climate finance), speeding up the improvement of urban mobility, reducing congestion, air and noise pollution as well as road casualties.

Innovative Initiative

Integrated urban design / Optimization of urban access and flows

Resources devoted to delivery

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Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 11 - Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable

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