Street Vendors in Ahmedabad: Organizing for Job Security

Street Vendors in Ahmedabad: Organizing for Job Security


SEWA adopted an integrated approach accompanying advocacy work with development activities: capacity building, government linkages, accessing finance, etc.

Actions and Implementation

It began with the organization of street vendor members who further worked towards increasing representation on formal decision-making bodies, accessing basic services and social security, and finding local solutions to issues. SEWA has an integrated approach where it works on multiple issues faced by its members simultaneously. In the case of Ahmedabad’s street vendors, SEWA’s advocacy efforts have been accompanied by linking members to government services and access to finance, and by offering capacity building trainings. This web of activities not only meets the multiple needs of street vendors, but also provides them with short-term gains during their long advocacy struggles.

Innovative Initiative

Empowerment in the urban space

Resources devoted to delivery

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