Tabiat (Nature) Bridge

Tabiat (Nature) Bridge


Tabiat Bridge is Tehran's and even Iran's largest pedestrian overpass that contains unique traits. After its completion, it has gained a prominence as Tehran's new touristic symbol. The Bridge covers 7000 square meters creating a distinct atmosphere in District 3 of Tehran and is located in Abas Abad hills which connects the two sides of Modares Highway.

Background and Objective

The land that the Bridge was built on is part of a district which is known as Abas Abad lands. It was decided that different parts of it be dedicated to various cultural and natural functions. Therefore, Tehran Municipality constructed Abo-Atash park, Banader Park, Sacred Defense Garden Museum, etc.

Actions and Implementation

The Abbasabad Renovation Company held a competition for a unique construction and the design by Leila Araghchi won in the competition. During the planning process, there were supposed to be two pedestrian overpasses, but when such a unique design came up, it was decided to combine the two overpasses and build this design. The competition had two selection stages. After winning in the first stage, it came under thorough assessment and finally approved in 2009. Despite many difficulties in starting the project, its execution began in Fall 2009 and completed in 2014.

Outcomes and Impacts

1. Financial sustainability: Tabiat Bridge can make its financial costs due to its popularity 2. Environmental sustainability: visual richness, air quality and various lives of the district lead to better urban quality in Tehran.

Gender and Social Inclusivity

This design was a state project (Tehran Municipality) for attracting foreign and domestic tourists, creating social and collective interactions and enhancing urban life quality. It can be also be used a a model and be applied in other cold and mountain areas cities which are similar to Tehran.

Innovative Initiative

The lessons that have been learned during the planning, executing and completing stages of the project are as follows: 1. It is better to have public participation in the urban projects as they can contribute unique things like Tabiat Bridge. The competition serves as a platform to have the participation of people. 2. We can have a good land use management 3. It is better to mobilize the financial means through public participation in order to hasten the process of such projects.

Resources devoted to delivery

No. Title Source Author Publication Title Volume Number Date Page Number 1 Take it to the bridge: the Tehran architect striking the right chord in Iran and Beyond Saeed Kamali Dehghan Monday 20 April 2015 Monday 20 April 2015


Abbasabad Renovation Company executed this project according to Tehran Municipal policy.

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Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 11 - Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable