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Background and Objective

A knowledge sharing platform of nature-based solutions (NBS) The two contexts involved are: 1. The Great Metropolitan Area of Costa Rica (GAM) that represents 4% of the National Territory, yet concentrates 60% of the population (2.72 million inhabitants). Even though it benefits from many of the country's milestones regarding Sustainable Development (a vast trajectory in Environmental Policymaking, a 100% renewable energy matrix, an ambitious plan of Urban Parks, worldwide referent of biodiversity preservation) it experiences a paradox within its Urban Agenda (carbon emissions from the transport sector, unplanned urbanization, an urban infrastructure vulnerable to climate shocks, poor mobility and transport infrastructure, lack of safe public green areas). 2. The Metropolitan city of Milan, capital of Lombardy and the second-most populous city in Italy after Rome (3.25 million inhabitants), where most of the country's infrastructure, economy, and workforce concentrates, yet affected by unsustainable urbanization and mobility patterns, critical air pollution levels, and vulnerable to external shocks such as the COVID-19 pandemic. It is also a city with ambitious policies and plans developed within the European recovery and innovation framework, especially regarding nature-based solutions, sustainable mobility, and urban recovery.

Actions and Implementation

Nature-based solutions (NBS) have proven to be powerful tools for addressing climate change effects in urbanized area, while fostering low-impact and low-cost recovery at light of the current planetary crisis. However, there is a challenge how to develop feasible and replicable strategies in regions at the global south, such as Latin American where there is a lack of data, resources, and technological tools. The proposed platform aims to provide expertise sharing between two contexts that are experiencing strong urban transformations: Costa Rica, a worldwide referent on Sustainable Development in the process of bringing this know-how into its urbanized areas; and Milan, transitioning into a smart sustainable city within the European recovery and innovation framework. The platform would facilitate a bi-directional knowledge transfer, in order to develop replicable and scalable NBS strategies. For this, current partnerships are developed with local organizations, public institutions and the Academia.


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