Programa de Vivienda Social (PVS), 2020

Last Updated
30 March 2021
Start Date
1 March 2020
Completion Date
1 March 2021

Action Implemented

Achieve the right to adequate housing through 4 strategies: - Reduce the lack of proper housing for the most vulnerable population. - Expand the mechanisms for granting subsidies to cover families' diverse housing needs in favor of their social welfare. - Participate in the consolidation of the national system of social housing production. - Ensure the quality and sustainability of housing. The PVS operates through six subsidy application modalities: a) Housing Acquisition; b) Self-production; c) Housing Relocation, d) Housing Reconstruction, e) Integral Sustainable Improvement, f) Improvement of Housing Units.

Outcomes and Expected Impact

57,650 homes were assisted: 44,120 through the Emergency Housing Project, 7,055 under the CONAVI-Executing Entity subsidy scheme, 4,031 through INVITAB, and 2,444 through a 100% CONAVI subsidy, for a total amount of $3,389,380,791.77.

Sustainability and Scalability

The Program considers the elements that must be ensured to guarantee that housing is adequate for the security of tenure, availability of services, materials, facilities, and infrastructure; its affordability; that it has good conditions of habitability and accessibility; with a location that does not compromise the quality of life of its inhabitants and with a design that responds to their cultural needs.

Innovative and Cultural Aspects


Lessons Learned


Social Inclusion

This program seeks to address the housing backlog and contribute to the regeneration of areas with high levels of marginalization, attend to the population affected by disruptive natural phenomena, and promote housing's habitability. It also prioritizes areas with a majority indigenous population, women heads of household, urban or rural areas with high levels of violence and insecurity, vulnerable groups due to risk, income, or socio-demographic conditions, and Mexican migrants abroad and returning migrants.

Key Dates

Start year: 2020

Title of outcome document

Abu Dhabi Declared Actions

Associated with the Outcome Document

The Tenth Session of the World Urban Forum

Name of Organization

Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores

Focal Point

Name : Diego de León Segovia

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National Governments

Initiative Location

Region : North America

Your initiative is contributing to

Promote sustainable urban development and the implementation of the New Urban Agenda at regional and local levels

Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 1 - End poverty in all its forms everywhere

Goal 11 - Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable

New Urban Agenda Commitments

Sustainable Urban Development for Social Inclusion and Ending Poverty