Euskadi-Basque Country 2030 Agenda

Euskadi-Basque Country 2030 Agenda


The Basque Country has taken up the global challenge of the United Nations 2030 Agenda by adopting the Euskadi Basque Country 2030 Agenda, a plan of action for the territory as a Basque model of growth and social, economic and environmental wellbeing, committed to guaranteeing the essential services to all persons and sustainable growth that generates opportunities for better quality employment.

Euskadi – Basque Country 2030 Agenda reflects the extent of alignment and contribution of the Government Programme, and the sectoral policies implementing it, in terms of the goals and targets relating to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, in due consideration of the fact that the Sustainable Development Goals were not devised to tell what to do, but to define a common universal context that helps setting priorities in accordance with the territorial reality.



New Urban Agenda Commitments


Euskadi-Basque Country 2030 Agenda