National Housing and Urban Development Sector Plan 2040 - Technical Report


The Housing and Urban Development Sector Plan aims to link all key stakeholders in working towards the success and betterment of the housing and urban development sector. This 20-year road map is the first in history and without precedent. It encompasses work under the mandate of the Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development (DHSUD), and also cognizant of initiatives undertaken by other government agencies and organizations involved in sustainable urban development and housing. The Plan aims to address long-standing as well as emerging issues in urban development and housing. At the center of concern are informal settler families, households at risk to climate change and disasters, and similarly vulnerable communities. They will benefit not only from the full implementation of existing programs and projects but a rational, harmonized design of actions over time. The Plan also serves to consolidate, organize, and institutionalize innovations in urban development and housing. While these initiatives have been recommended in policy documents and introduced through pilot projects, the Plan will help normalize them as part of regular programming, allowing them to gain traction and acceptance in communities.




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